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🙋🏼‍♂️ Hi! I'm Oriol

A Product Engineer from Barcelona, currently focused on the frontend web platform.

Here I write about personal projects, my programming career, and any new cool tech I find.


🔍 Looking for my new challenge and learning Go 🚀



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Choose your battles wisely 🧠

I learned the hard way that it is not possible to change everything at once. If you encompass too much, you will fail, just focus on the battles with the biggest rewards and save your forces for later.

When the boat sinks, keep your head above the water and start swimming 🛶

Being part of an early stage start-up in the current economical context had a risk. This became evident before summer when everyone in the team was laid-off. I took this as an opportunity to learn on what we did wrong, what decisions leaded us to this moment and what could I have contributed to avoid it.

Disconnect, recharge and reflect v2 🧘‍♂️

This time I didn’t feel I failed by deciding to join Gigapipe as the causes of this situation were outside my control. Despite that, I decided to take the opportunity to recharge and give me time to choose my next path.